About the clay:

Several times a year we shovel up about a thousand pounds of raw clay mined by the Hebron Brick Co.  This dry material is crushed (kitty litter particle size) and contaminated mainly with scoria and coal.  The clay pit is located about thirteen miles from town, but the brickyard is close to my home studio. 

The step-by-step process shown in the pictures is uncomplicated.  it takes about two hours a week to cycle a hundred pounds of clay, not a speedy or high volume production.  Once a month the accumulated clay slabs are pugged, bagged and stored in the root cellar. 

A very sticky clay, Hebron clay is a pale yellow body when fired to Cone 3 in an electric kiln.  It has a wide firing range, vitrified at Cone 2 (or so) and has a tendency to crack even with a portion of sand to open up the body.